Representative Work

Natalia Stepanova v Axis Auto Finance, 2020 CanLII 38280 (ON LRB)

May 2020 submissions regarding the propriety of proceeding with a fully electronic hearing for an Employment Standards Act, 2000 Application for Review.

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Zhao v. Wikwemikong Nursing Home Limited, 2016 ONSC 5400 (CanLII)

Defended a motion on behalf of plaintiff employee to avoid transferring jurisdiction of her case to northern Ontario.

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Canada Fine Parts v. Wang, 2016 ONSC 2457

Successfully defeated an injunction on behalf of an employee with respect to breach of fiduciary duty and non-competition clause. $25k awarded in costs.

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Wagner v. The Best of Chinese Medicine (unreported)

Successfully defeated a motion brought by the employer to prevent my client from proceeding to trial on the issue of her status as employee or contractor.

Taylor v. Bolts Plus Inc. (Ministry of Labour)

Employment Standards Act complaint on behalf of employee client claiming entitlement to unpaid vacation pay, termination and severance pay, plus reprisal.

Leurer v. Mama Earth Organics Inc. (Ministry of Labour)

Successful Ministry of Labour complaint regarding overtime, termination pay and reprisal as well as the appeal.

Wagner v. Best of Chinese Medicine (unreported)

Successful trial where we represented a wrongly dismissed plaintiff who was entitled to vacation pay and notice of termination. Trial took two years.

Craig v. Heart and Stroke Foundation (Ministry of Labour)

Successful Employment Standards Act Ministry of Labour complaint regarding reprisal resulting in direct earnings loss, termination pay, and other damages.

AG v. Taylor Statten Camp Co., 2012 HRTO 1449

Human Rights case on behalf of employer client defending allegations of discrimination.

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Jiwan v. Money Express, 2012 ONSC 909 (CanLII)

Represented an employer on a pleadings motion regarding the propriety of pleading without prejudice offers of settlement.

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Bland v. Canadian Farm Insurance, 2012 ONSC 3021 (CanLII)

Represented the plaintiff/employee in a wrongful dismissal matter regarding the enforceability of a release.

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Lukasik v 611554 Ontario Inc., 2012 HRTO 1326 (CanLII)

Represented the employer/defendant in an Ontario Human Rights Tribunal matter regarding conflict of interest and alleged age discrimination

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Casey v. Sweeney, 2012 ONSC 6077 (CanLII)

Successfully set aside an assessment order on behalf of the plaintiff.

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Bihari v. Holiday Retirement, 2011 HRTO 372 (CanLII)

Jurisdictional argument for an employer client defending allegations of racism at the Human Rights Tribunal.

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Butchart v. Great Blue Heron Charity Casino, 2011 HRTO 308 (CanLII)

Interim decision in an Ontario Human Rights complaint filed by an employee/applicant client regarding racism in the workplace, among other issues.

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Just Energy Corp v. Dhillon, 2011 - CanLII 29288 (ON LRB)

Employment Standards Act Application for Review regarding failure to reinstate my client to her position or a comparable one following maternity leave.

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