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We are a client-centered law firm that specializes in all aspects of employment law, human rights, and HR relations. We work with individuals and small businesses and are relationships oriented. We take a pragmatic approach to advocacy, and use critical thinking and strategic evaluations to provide recommendations and measured advice.

Our Commitment

We're practical
and personable.

Employment law can be complex, but education is key to making informed decisions. We really get to know you so that we can provide a complete picture.

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Our Expertise

We make employment
law make sense for You.

Our proficiency in employment law, human rights, and HR-relations is rooted in our deep knowledge and vast experience in workplace matters and understanding of advocacy issues.

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Seamless Communication

Meet with us in-person or virtually at your convenience. Whether via phone or video, from home, work, or abroad, we make connecting with us easy.

Flexible Correspondence

Most consultations, meetings and other business can be conducted over the phone, by video chat, or through email. This means we can address questions promptly and get to resolving your case efficiently, in addition to accommodating your schedule, location, comfort level, and accessibility. For face-to-face appointments, we use a number of familiar and simple-to-use video conferencing platforms or welcome you to visit our downtown office.

Paperless Documents

Our office is paperless whenever possible. We create and store most documents digitally and transmit electronically because it's reliable, safe, and a more organized way of record keeping and managing paperwork. It's economical for our clients and reduces our carbon footprint. To assist with our paper-lite approach, we provide electronic forms that are easy to fill out and sign, and can be sent, received, and retrieved quickly.

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