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May 24th, 2023

With companies increasingly ordering remote and hybrid workers back to the office, employers and employees would be wise to review their rights and...

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April 10th, 2023

A recent court of appeal ruling should give employers the impetus to review the employment contracts of long-standing staff, says Toronto employment lawyer

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January 19th, 2023

Last month, the Ontario government announced that at-risk employers will soon be required to ensure their workplaces have naloxone kits on hand

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January 2nd, 2023

Toronto employment lawyer Ellen Low kept busy with new laws and court rulings that helped shape the working environment in 2022

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December 14th, 2022

Media report about a French worker who fought for his right to refuse to party should serve as a cautionary tale to employers hosting after-work gathering.

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October 28th, 2022

Severance packages come in different forms so it only makes sense to explore all your options before signing away your rights

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