Helping our clients navigate their way through employment matters is our priority. Hear what they have to say about our work.

  • I was referred to Ellen regarding an employment matter, and found her to be an incredibly approachable and fair professional. She is thorough in her questions to understand the situation, and very balanced in terms of her recommendations regarding value of your time/ money to pursue a matter. I highly recommend her, and have no hesitation to utilize Ms. Low's services again in the future.

  • I've received the final severance terms by mail for my account today. I am pleased with the final outcome and feel comfortable that a fair settlement was achieved while balancing my wish to apply my preferred level of pressure to my former employer through the negotiation process. I really appreciated Ellen's effort through this process, plus being attentive to my particular and often granular questions. Although it's not a positive experience (to go through a severance scenario), she helped ensure I was well represented and fair terms were reached. Reaching fair and balanced terms was a stressful experience for sure, but I really appreciated having Ellen's professionalism, directness and experience in my corner.

  • Ellen is awesome in handling my settlement. I am very pleased and satisfied with the outcome. I could have not done it without her legal assistance. I highly recommend Ellen and there is no doubt I will use her again in the future, but hopefully not too soon.

    Rob Alfaro
  • Ellen is a genuine person that strives for success!! She is extremely knowledgeable and thorough as well as caring and compassionate. She is always prompt to answer any questions you may have. I would highly recommend Ellen to anyone looking to get what they deserve.

    Christine Jones
  • I would strongly recommend Ellen as a highly professional and knowledgeable counsel who was responsive and helped negotiate for me not only an improved settlement but provided practical guidance on different options. I appreciated both her compassionate and highly strategic approach to the negotiation. She was highly responsive and during what is an emotional time, helped anchor the process in facts and experience to help provide an objective perspective. Thank you Ellen for everything.

  • I wanted to thank you and your team for all your help during my negotiations. I feel I was treated with the utmost respect. I was given explanations on the information being sent to me as well as my options with your opinion. I found this easy for me to understand and helped me to make a decision that was best for me.

    M. Richardson
  • Ellen, Thank you so much for all of your help with my settlement. It made a world of difference for me in my negotiations. I will definitely call you for any future employment matters. Warm regards

    Andrea M.
  • Dear Ellen, I have a very good, happy experience with your legal support. I never have had in my life so far this kind of complaint problem, like had with my former employer. I would like recommend you to my former colleagues. Thank you for your very helpful legal service.

  • Great, Thank you so much for everything. I am really happy and satisfied with my settlement. I definitely could have not done it without your legal assistance. Much appreciated, Best – Roberto A

    Roberto A
  • Finally, I can move on and turn the page from this chapter! Thank you so much for your hard work throughout the almost 2 years and will definitely refer others to you if I hear of others facing a similar situation.

    F. Gervasi
  • A big THANK YOU!! for all your patience, understanding and guidance through what was a very difficult and stressful process for me. This was quite the journey and I'm very relieved and grateful to finally have closure. I am looking forward to moving on to the next chapter in my life.

    Mark S.
  • Thanks Ellen. You've been a tremendous help during a very trying time for me, and I'm extremely grateful. Will sing your praises if anyone I know is in a similar bind!

    Erik B.
  • Thank you so much for everything. I am so grateful for how you have helped me transition through this process.

  • I tremendously appreciate all that you did for me.

  • I can’t say enough about Ellen Low, she is extremely professional, caring and competent. I have used her services twice, and have referred many coworkers to her. When you lose a job, it is important to have someone you trust who can explain the process, provide guidance and legal advice with empathy. I appreciated her honesty and expert advice. I hope I never need this service again, but if I do she will be my first call! My expectations were exceeded, I highly recommend her

    Shirley Halladay
  • Ellen Low is exactly who you want to represent you! She is extremely smart and very well respected. I trust her 100% and will not hesitate to recommend her to friends and family.

  • Thank you so much!! I cannot believe this. You have no idea how much this will help us.” Once again, thank you so much!

    K. Dunn
  • Ellen was recommended to me and from our first meeting I was pleased. She was very easy to connect with and I felt comfortable sharing my employment problems and legal questions with her. She was always clear and concise, and explained the options that were available to me every step of the way. I would recommend to Ellen to anyone dealing with an employment issue where legal expertise and a compassion are needed. I felt supported during a difficult time in my life. R. Akter

    Rozina Akter
  • A pleasure to work with you.

    Marisa Dubravac
  • Thank you for all of your hard work.

    Richard L.
  • After taking on Ellen for my employment case I was absolutely astounded by her attention to detail. She kept me in the loop throughout the entire process without having me to ask. I knew she was going to get me an incredible settlement after reading her initial demand letter. The only word that comes to mind in describing Ellen, savage.

    Kevin Lee
  • Ellen was amazing in helping me set up a contract for a contractor helping my organization. She was thoughtful, super detailed, knowledgeable and fast. I recommend any small business looking for employment law advice to start here first. Ellen knows exactly what she's talking about.

    Amanda Jewson
  • It was my privilege to retain Ellen Low in order to work though a difficult employment situation. Her utmost professionalism, command of the law and its application, deft handling of the issues and adversarial individuals, and her tremendous sense of humor enabled me to work through the conflict and conclude with a favorable result in an extremely effective manner. Her incredible skill and passion are readily apparent, and her sound judgement, coupled with her expertise with both statutory and case law, makes her an excellent attorney and counsel. Thank you Ellen!

  • Ellen masterfully helped my wife through a very difficult transition out of her previous employment. We found Ellen to be an amazing communicator, understanding, a tactful advocate with an abundance of common sense, and knowledgeable in the law. We were happy with the result which was fair for the circumstances. Thank you Ellen!

  • Wow. Thank you so much. I really appreciate you and your level of generosity and understanding. At a time of stress and trying to get my feet on the ground after 5 years of crisis, this means a lot to me!

  • I appreciate all of the direction and assistance you provided!

  • Thank you for your support and help during this process.

  • I really appreciate your effort through this process, plus being attentive to my particular and often granular questions. Although it's not a positive experience (to go through a severance scenario), you helped ensure I was well represented and fair terms were reached. Reaching fair and balanced terms was a stressful experience for sure, but really appreciate having your professionalism, directness and experience in my corner. Thanks again. AWP

  • I had reached out to trusted contacts for an employment lawyer and Ellen Low name came highly recommended. I appreciated her guidance and explanation of the process, potential options and outcomes. I want to thank her for her help in navigating and resolving this matter. I am happy to provide any recommendation or reference for Ellen Low.

    Laurel C.
  • Your timely and competent support was invaluable through this change. I'll refer you to those in need while hoping to have had enough legal advise over the last years. Anonymous

  • I was introduced to Ellen Low by a mutual associate and am very grateful for the connection. I met with Ellen shortly after our initial correspondence and found her to be knowledgeable, forthright, sympathetic and personable. She provided me with a number of options with concise thoughts on each and made decision making regarding next steps and a plan of action clear and straightforward. The entire process took some time but at no fault of Ellen's. She follows through quickly and she's tough. In the end, I reached a settlement that I know I could not have achieved without her. In looking for a lawyer, obviously, you want a killer on your side. Professionally, Ellen's exceptional at her job, without doubt. But I'm not sure if that’s at the heart of why I would recommend her. There's a certain amount of emotional wear and tear you go through. Looking back, I think it's important to feel like you've got somebody on your side, a real partner. Ellen's got your back and you know it at every step. That's why I'm writing this recommendation. Retain her services and you'll see firsthand.

    Peter Jensen
  • I highly recommend Ellen Low. She is professional, intelligent and personable to work with. I had recently Ellen's services to assist me in negotiating a better severance package with my former employer. From the moment I met her, I knew that I was in good hands. She explained the entire process and kept me informed the entire time. Ellen is definitely someone you want in your corner. Thank you Ellen

  • After being laid off under somewhat suspect circumstances, I wanted to seek legal counsel to find out if any recourse was available to me. Ellen Low was recommended to me by a colleague and friend, and thank goodness for that referral, since it saved me from having to scour the city for right lawyer. Even before our consultation ended, I knew Ellen would achieve the results I wanted. Her knowledge is solid, she was incredibly comprehensive in her explanation of the issues she identified in the circumstances of my layoff, and she provided me with a detailed delineation of what options were available to me and her opinion on which route would be best to take. Once I officially retained her services, it was full steam ahead; Ellen drafted a very persuasive letter to my former employer in just a couple of days. She kept me in the loop throughout the entire negotiation process and answered all of my questions at lightning speed. Ultimately, my re negotiated severance package was almost double the amount I initially thought I could receive. Such an exceptional outcome wouldn't have been possible without Ellen. To top it all off, she is so personable and accommodating. I would recommend her to anyone in an employment related predicament not only for her proven results and expertise, but also because in the midst of the stress and confusion that such issues create, you want someone truly supportive like Ellen in your corner. Thanks for everything, Ellen!

    Julie G
  • I was recently let go from my job after 15 years, I was upset and not sure what to do...then I contacted Ellen Low and she took it from there. She was very sympathetic but professional at the same time. She put me at ease and I left my worries in her hand. She was always there to answer questions and make sure I understood my rights. I would recommend her to anyone that asks. Thank you Ellen!! Charlene

    Charlene Reekie
  • Previous to signing onto a new job, I had a friend and lawyer review my new agreement. He brought up some general considerations and a few recommendations. The most valuable piece of advice he gave me was to meet with a lawyer that specialized in employment. He recommended Ellen Low. Meeting with Ellen was the best professional decision of my life to date. Ellen is incredible professional, thorough, had a many recommendation regarding the existing and outdated contract, but also counselled me on points for negotiation. The two hour meeting with Ellen amounted to a thirty five percent increase in pay during negotiations in-which both parties were happy. Also, all of Ellen's contract suggestions have now been taken and applied to the previously outdated contracts for all new employee at the company. Great advice and counsel from Ellen was the best return on investment I could have hoped for. Thank you Ellen!

    Scott Gilbert
  • In 2016 I had need of legal representation to provide guidance and direction during a separation negotiation with my employer, an employer that I had had a long and relatively successful career with. My situation was, I believe, somewhat unique due to the nature of agreements in place; however, Ellen was extremely helpful in working through the issues to highlight the key priorities, placing them in the appropriate legal frame of reference and assisting to develop a strategy to deal with them in the negotiations with the employer. The result was a negotiated settlement that was amicable and yet, in my opinion, fair both to me and the employer. Throughout the discussions and the process I found Ellen to be pragmatic and provide very good counsel. I found her discussions of the options were balanced and always discussed both the pros and the cons to each approach. The result was a timely settlement without, in my opinion, undue cost to either party. I would highly recommend Ellen to anyone that finds themselves in a situation of dispute with their current or former employer and requires solid, legal representation and advice

    T. H.
  • I chose Ellen Low to help me with my termination package and was given an appointment the following day . An email was sent immediately with details on what documents to send ahead of time for Ellen's review prior to our appointment. She was very personable , extremely knowledgeable and professional and I felt that I could relate to her immediately. She reviewed my package and gave her honest opinion of it. She presented me with all my options if I chose to fight it and I was made aware of any charges that I might incur with each option. Over the next few days she very patiently and promptly answered any questions I sent to her via email. I now realize how important it is to have a lawyer go over any employment offer before signing for a new position and will most likely do this for my next offer. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in a similar situation. Thank you Ellen Low!

    Marsha Hollinshead
  • Walking into Ellen Low's office was the best decision I made in 2016. She provided options and a final settlement that I never imagined would be possible.

    Sharon Strome-Hubble
  • I found Ellen to be smart, articulate, attentive, very knowledgeable and compassionate. She answered all my questions, provided ongoing guidance, outlined my options as well as helped me formulate my thoughts so that I could capture key points in my discussions with employer. I would not hesitate to utilize Ellen in the future or recommend her to anyone that requires an employment lawyer.

    Eleni K
  • Ellen helped me through what I'm sure no one ever wants to go through and is always a diffuclt time in someone's life and career. They were empathetic and professional at all times, responding to all of my concerns in a very timely manner. At the end of the day, they laid out all of my options, advised me accordingly but guided me through a process exactly how I wanted. I'd absolutely recommend them for all employment issues and concerns.

    Keegan Munro
  • Ellen helped us navigate creating proper employment contracts and other various workplace agreement policies. Her knowledge and experience gave us a great deal of confidence and the entire process was very easy. I would highly recommend Ellen Low for your company contracts and other important legal documentation.

    Trevor Howard
  • It was my pleasure to consult with Ellen from mid December 2015 until mid March 2016. I was referred to Ellen by a lawyer I had engaged. He recommended Ellen after reviewing my case and declaring it complex and difficult. Ellen was a pleasure to deal with and unravelled the complications with ease. She was honest and clear with me in all communications and always presented me with the options open to me. I should not hesitate to recommend Ellen as a professional and yet accessible agent should you need employment law assistance.

  • I was initially pretty worried about this call, having never talked to a lawyer before for employment reasons. The team at Whitten & Lublin were very prompt in getting an appointment scheduled, following up, managing expectations about what the call would be about, and ensuring I knew what to send over to them to make sure the call with Ellen Low was as productive as possible. Ellen did a great job in explaining the legal principles involved for my case, in language that I could understand. She didn't talk down to me, nor did she launch into really technical jargon either. Ellen was highly recommended by a friend of mine, and I'd happily pass on the same recommendation to others.

    Ryan Hildebrandt
  • Ellen is simply fabulous! She has helped me though some difficult times and actually cares about her clients. No matter how swamped she is, she makes time to listen, understand, advise and act. Thank you again for your prompt and thorough aid in this matter. I know how busy you are and it means a lot to me.

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