Emergency Care Benefit

There are currently so many changes it is hard to keep up. In case you missed it yesterday, the $900 Emergency Care Benefit has been re-vamped. What do we know? The new program is a payment to anyone “affected” by COVID-19 with $2000 a month for up to four months. It covers those out of a job, sick, quarantined, or taking care of someone with COVID19 or home because of school closures. It applies to employees and contractors. It ALSO applies to those who still have a job, but not receiving income (those on layoff). The program will be accessible through a portal and not through EI. There are some measures for those on EI who cannot return post October due to Covid19 as well as EI for sickness or regular benefits after the four month period. So sounds like 16 weeks, at $2000 a month, then regular EI if eligible. So far, the period is: March 15, 2020 until October 3, 2020, payments within 10 days.

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