Infonex Critical HR legal and Compliance Issues

Handling Social Media in the Workplace. Toronto, Ontario - August 13, 2019
  • Learn whether employees can realistically expect privacy with regard to their social media conduct while on and off duty
  • Understand when your employees’ social media activities may constitute misconduct and permit discipline or discharge
  • Review the case law on social media conduct by employees that is: derogatory, defamatory, humiliating, or threatening to co-workers or management; harassment; bullying; racism or discrimination; involves the disclosure of confidential information or trade secrets
  • Know the standards for social media conduct for employees that work with the public
  • Understand the pros and cons of conducting social media background checks on applicants
  • Learn how employers that use social media to communicate with clients must protect their workers from harassment and discrimination on social media
  • Know how and when to investigate your employees’ behavior on social media
  • Learn how to develop robust whistleblower policies and mechanisms to discourage employees from turning to social media to blow the whistle
  • Know how to minimize the impact of an employee’s misconduct on social media
  • Learn how to address social media use by employees in workplace policies (violence and harassment, social media and confidentiality policies)
  • Know how to effectively communicate workplace policies that address social media use to your employees

Alcohol, Drugs, and Cannabis in the Workplace. Toronto, Ontario - August 14, 2019

With guidance and information from some of the foremost experts in the country you will:

  • Understand what your duty to accommodate includes
  • Learn when an employee can or cannot be terminated for drug or alcohol use
  • Know what constitutes a disability under applicable human rights legislation;
  • Understand paramount safety considerations
  • Learn how to employ last chance agreements and other steps to take when you’ve tried everything
  • Hear about the latest cases and what they mean to you in your workplace
  • Learn how to update and communicate your policies so they work effectively for you

Managing Sexual Harassment Complaints. Toronto, Ontario - August 15, 2019

New Approaches for a New Era

  • React to allegations of sexual harassment knowledgeably and with confidence
  • Understand when, where and how the legal duty to investigate applies
  • Learn how to manage each stage in an effective investigation
  • Handle the perils of gender disparity and power imbalances
  • Handle concerns of the individuals involved
  • Manage and control internal gossip
  • Safeguard your corporate reputation
  • Develop practical strategies to deal with external media and messaging
  • Manage the ‘aftermath’, whether complaints are founded or unfounded

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